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Towing Information

• When towing a trailer always remember to watch your speed and beware that stopping distances are drastically different.
• Watch road conditions more carefully for pot holes or uneven roads that may cause the trailer to jerk or move laterally unexpectedly
• When towing on mountain passes or going under freeway over passes be aware that the wind speed varies and could sway the trailer abruptly.
• Before leaving with the trailer in tow make sure that your trailer ball latch is down and the pin is in place and the ball is locked on, safety chains are hooked up in a criss cross pattern, lights are working.
• Make sure furnace, A/C, water pump switch , hot water heater all are turned off. Make sure all windows, doors and compartments are latched.
• Make sure all interior items are secure for traveling.

Most SUV's can only handle a 25' or smaller trailer. Please check your owners guide for towing limits. We will try and fit your needs.

There is a flat  $35.00 Tow Fee for bumper pull rentals. You are not charged any additional mileage.

Hitch Ball Sizes

Standard 5th Wheel Trailers will be delivered and are not available for Customers to tow.

Standard Bumper Pull Trailers require a standard receiver hitch with a 2 5/16" ball mount.

The height of the trailer should be no more than 15 - 26" from the ground to the top of the ball.

Wiring Requirements

Trailers vary among our fleet.


We do have adapters available. We will let you know which you will need for specific units.