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Driving a MotorHome

A motorhome is not difficult to drive....... However, it is substantially wider and longer and heavier than an automobile.

Minimum height clearance is 12 feet. Be aware and avoid carport roofs, overhanging tree branches and low roofs, especially at fueling stations. DO NOT go thru any drive thru restaurants.

Due to the length of the motorhome you will need a greater turning radius. Also when driving from a flat surface to an incline be aware so that your rear end doesn't drag.

Be aware of high winds and cross winds as well as the currents that large trucks make when passing. Slow down and anticipate their effects and how to compensate for them.

When backing up it is impossible to see all obstacles from the drivers postion. Always use spotters to avoid small children, short posts or overhanging branches. You will be responsible for any damages.

Mountain Driving ***    Watch your temperature carefully. If the engine overheats immediately pull off the road and wait for the engine to cool. Check the engine for coolant.  Use low gears on inclines to avoid repeatedly shifting up and down. The proper way to desend is to put the transmission in low gear, thus avoiding the overuse of the brakes. If at any time you feel the brakes are fading, you should pull over and allow the brakes to cool before proceeding.

Gravel Roads***   Use reasonable precautions. Be aware of rocks being kicked up and possible broken windshields.

Slippery Roads***  Due to the higher percentage of rear weight than an automobile they handle quite well in slippery conditions. However, slow down and excise extra caution. Traction may be greater, but if you start to slide the same extra weight may carry you farther than a normal car.

Country Roads***  Motorhomes are not suitable for rough country roads. Country roads usually have lots of overhanging branches, narrow turns and uneven roads. Use prudent judgement when driving on country roads.

Highway Driving***  Frequently, long lines of cars collect behind motorhomes. When this happens, the driver should pull off the road in a safe area and let the cars go by as a common courtesy. Use good judgement when attempting to pass. Afterall you are not in a Ferrari.