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General Rental Info

We offer travel trailers and motorhome from 25' to 30'. Prices range from $80.00 to $150.00 per night. All units are rented clean and stocked with FREE HOSPITALITY ITEMS (see list of items on the "What is the RV stocked with?" page) and you are responsible for them during your rental period. At the time of rental you are given a copy of those stocked items and their replacement costs. If items are lost, stolen or damaged you will be charged for them. Please do not restock them with your own items.  You will be required to sign a form at the time of rental accepting this condition.    Units are to be returned as clean as you received them in. NO EXCEPTIONS !!  We do not expect you to wash any linens, blankets, towels or kitchen towels, just pile those in the shower upon returning. DO NOT put the Pillows and Bedspreads in with the dirty linens. Please leave them on the beds.We do ask that you clean and wipe out the fridge, stove, tables, bathroom , sweep. mop and /or vacuum the floors (vacuums are supplied in some of the trailers)and remake the beds.   All units are sterilized between rentals. Linens are replaced with freshly laundered ones. All kitchen dishes and utensils are rewashed between rentals as well. Any unit returned dirty will be an automatic charge on your credit card or cash payment upon returning unit. You have agreed to these possible charges in your rental agreement.

Rental units are picked up by appointment ONLY!  We will not schedule a delivery or pickup after hours If you are picking up a trailer to tow,  hours for pick up are 2:00 pm-4:30 pm no exceptions. If you are returning a trailer return hours are 9:00 am - 10:00 am no exceptions. Should you need to return a trailer early, special arrangements are made prior it must be between 8:00 am - 5:00pm. (there is a  $50.00 fee for this service) 

We do not release or check back in rentals before 9:00 am or after 5:00 pm

The latest delivery time is 3:00 pm and the latest pick up time is 4:30 pm

If you are staying at a state park, campground and/or an RV park please find out what time you can actually get in your space and what time you must check out. ( because if you want a delivery at 10:00 am but can't get into your space until noon then you may be charged standby time) 

If you are coming into town late you need to make prior arrangements with us for deliveries and pickups. Your rental period starts from the day you pick it up until the day it is returned. All rentals are due back BY 10:00 am following the last nights rental. NO EXCEPTIONS. If it is not back by 10:00 am you will be charged $25.00 per hour, if more than 2 hours late you will be charged another nights rental. (For Example: If you schedule with us to pick up or deliver a unit at  2:00 pm and you do not show up until 4 pm you will be charged $25.00 per hour that you are late. Therefore you will occur a $50.00 late fee).  We have other customers that may be scheduled and its not fair to make their itenery late.If you need time to stock your unit you should schedule an extra day of rental time.   

We are not responsible for children etc.. during this time.  Children will not be allowed to run freely on the lot.

Any other pets brought onto the lot need to be on a leash at all times or kept in your vehicle. Please understand that if you are bringing a pet when picking up your trailer we are doing to assume that your pet will be traveling with you. We cannot police your trip to know whether the pet is inside our trailer or not, so we can only assume . Therefore, there is a one time pet charge for your pet (bird, cat, dog, gerbil, lizard, anything with 4 legs,  etc... ) ok so 3 legged animals are charged for as well.  :)


There is a mandatory $250.00 down payment for all rentals.  Any remaining daily rental fees, tow fees, damage deposit, cleaning deposit, pet fees, etc...must be paid 28 days prior to rental date.  For reservations made less than 28 days in advance the entire balance must be paid at time of reservation.  Excess mileage , generator charges or fees imposed such as damages, late fees, additional cleaning fees etc.. will be accessed at the time of return and those monies are due at that time. NO Exceptions.


      PHONE 505-327-4513        FAX 505-326-2861



Battery  Life  ..........   Generally the battery on the trailer will last up to 3 days. If lights are not left on all night etc...

If wired from the factory, your towing vehicle should charge the battery while you are driving, just as your alternator charges your battery. However some older vehicles do not do that. If your lights are getting dim during your trip you can plug the cord into your vehicle to recharge from your battery or you can charge the battery up with jumper cables to your vehicle battery. If you are planning to be out more than 4 days you should bring a generator to charge your battery or you can rent a generator from us ( the cost is $30 per day). A small generator will recharge your battery if you run it about an hour a day. If you are dry camping where you do not have hookups, just remember even with a small generator you will NOT be able to run the microwave or the air conditioner. Both of these appliances require 30 amps of service to run properly. If you try and run them with a small generator or no generator at all you will damage them as well as the converter.   If you choose to use your own generator, you will be liable for any damages caused to the trailer caused by a surge or low voltage from your generator. Low voltage will keep tripping breakers and fuses, then eventually take out the motherboard, microwave, refrigerator etc...... These are damages that you as the renter are responsible for.  Also, remember, as the weather grows colder and you need to run the furnace this too will also kill your battery life. If you run the furnace on 65 and it comes off and on intermittently throughout the night it will drain your battery by morning.  The refrigerator, furnace  and hot water heater are all 12 volt dependant . When your battery reaches 10 volts these appliances will not work properly or at all. 

When you rent an RV from us it is your responsibility to simple clean the interior. We do ask that you clean and wipe out the fridge, stove, tables, bathroom , sweep. mop and /or vacuum the floors (vacuums are supplied in some of the trailers)and remake the beds. If you do not , you will be charged an additional fee of $125.00 for us to do it. There are no exceptions.



If you have sent in your Rental Reservation Form and you have been called or emailed, down payment has been made and your trailer has been confirmed, you are then put on our schedule.

As we get deeper into Summer and the schedule gets fuller and fuller, timing gets more and more tricky. That is why it is very important that delivery and pick up times are spot on.  Due to others being late,  your delivery or pick up time may be altered. That is not fair to other customers that are on time.  We do however, understand traffic, construction etc...(to an extant).   We do not tolerate the fact that you wanted to stop and sightsee somewhere or grab a quick bite and you are now an hour late.  You are charged $25 per hour stand by time or another nights rental.

We do our very best to be there on time, but occassionally traffic and other deliveries stiffle our progress as well. We are as understanding as you hopefully are.

Recently, it has came to our attention  that some renters are having other folks pick up trailers for them and then are not able to return them. Leaving us to drop what we are doing and go retrieve a unit that has no way to get back to us.  This puts us in an extreme bind during the busy season.   Some days we may have 3 or 4 deliveries or pickups scheduled and we cant just stop and retrieve your trailer.


Therefore,  if you have originally scheduled a trailer to be a pick up/ drop off by you, the renter,  and you decide later that you want it to be delivered  and picked up by Us instead , you will be charged a regular hourly labor rate of $100 per hour and $1.00 per mile to do so. So if you picked it up then changed your mind and had us bring it back it would cost you $100 per hour drive time round trip plus a 1 hour charge to tear down and hook onto the RV and $1.00 per mile .

As your reservtion gets closer and you decide to have it delivered instead of you picking it up , we may not be able to accommodate that according to our scheduling.

As a general rule, we do not make any money on a long delivery, say to Vallecito, Silverton, Dolores, Rico, Lemon Dam etc... because of the cost of fuel and the hours to drive the round trip course. Your delivery maybe 75 miles on paper but its a 2 plus hour drive one way for us. And its two complete round trips. You only get charged one round trip and at that it's only anything over 25 miles.  We do this as a courtesy to our loyal customer base.  We understand to make that type of delivery profitable it would be way too costly for our customers.

We want to thank you for taking the time to read this information. We don't like to be the Rule monitor, but someone has to...............