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Gas, Propane & Dumping
How and Where

Your rental includes Full propane bottles, Full fresh water holding tank ( gray water )  and an empty and clean sewer (black water) holding tank. ( Full tank of Fuel for MotorHomes)

Upon return of your unit you will need to , Refill the propane tanks to full, Empty the gray water tanks and Dump your black water tank, ( Refill the Fuel Tank in the MotorHome).  If you do not do this you will be charged according to your signed contract. We charge $30 to dump the tanks and refill the propane.

For your information there is a Circle W  Sinclair /Conoco Station @ 2707 E. Main in Farmington that has a Fueling Station, Dumping Station and a Propane Refilling Station.  There is also the Road Runner Gas Station on the South end of Aztec heading toward Bloomfield. They are open early and on weekends.

 The  Toy Hauler has an onboard fueling station so that you may fuel up your "toys". That fuel needs to be refilled upon return. We do not guarantee how much fuel is in it upon pick up.



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