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Generator Usage/ Rental
RV  Generator Information  VERY IMPORTANT

This picture is a typical camping generator that we offer for rental. Easily loadable by two people. 3500 kw with a standard RV plug built in.  This generator uses unleaded gasoline.

Generator rentals are $30 per day.They are full of gas and need to be returned full of gas. If you will need more fuel you will need to fill it yourself at your cost.

Our generators are serviced regularly and are sufficient to run our RV's. They are load tested for our RV capatibility.

The power cord for the RV is 25' length, so that you can sit the generator away from the trailer itself.  If you are going to be camping longer than 3 days, please check the oil level daily.

You will need to run the generator a MINIMUM OF 4 HOURS PER DAY TO KEEP THE BATTERY CHARGED ON THE RV so that everything including lights and furnace are operating at proper voltage.

If your voltage drops down to 11 volts it may shut off the "brains" to the refrigerator,hot water heater and the furnace to protect them from damage. Too many voltage surges or one large one  may cause permanent damage to the air conditioner, refrigerator, microwave, hot water heater, furnace,  battery  and converter. This maybe damage that you will be financially liable for. 

 This is a picture of a standard 30 amp rv plug in. This is what our generators are equipped with. This is what matches the RV's.

This is a picture of the RV power cord end.   Standard on all Rv's.


If you are using your own generator you will need to make sure of the following:

1. That is is operating at the correct voltage.   110 - 125

2. That it has this specific plug in.( 3 prong  30 amp)

3. You will need to bring your generator and adapter for us to TEST when picking up the RV .

If it does not pass testing , you will be required to rent our generator .          

 ( or forfiet your rental ). You will not be allowed to take the trailer if you do not have your generator tested.  You are still liable for any electrical damage to the trailer caused by your generator. All electrical will be checked upon return.

 If it does not have this specific plug in you will need to supply an adapter that will plug into your generator and into the rv power cord. We do not have adapters for sale or for rent. There are too many different generator plug configurations.  

 The RV  IS NOT 220 !!!!!!!!!!!!!  if you plug into your generator that is wired for 220 you will blow up everything in the RV and possible burn it to the ground. 


This is another picture of the RV power cord end.    It will extend out of the RV recepticle 25 feet. 


Battery  Life  ..........   Generally the battery on the trailer will last up to 3 days. If lights are not left on all night etc...

If wired from the factory, your towing vehicle should charge the battery while you are driving, just as your alternator charges your battery. However some older vehicles do not do that. If your lights are getting dim during your trip you can plug the cord into your vehicle to recharge from your battery or you can charge the battery up with jumper cables to your vehicle battery. If you are planning to be out more than 4 days you should bring a generator to charge your battery or you can rent a generator from us ( the cost is $40 per day). A small generator will recharge your battery if you run it about an hour a day. If you are dry camping where you do not have hookups, just remember even with a small generator you will NOT be able to run the microwave or the air conditioner. Both of these appliances require 30 amps of service to run properly. If you try and run them with a small generator or no generator at all you will damage them as well as the converter.   If you choose to use your own generator, you will be liable for any damages caused to the trailer caused by a surge or low voltage from your generator. Low voltage will keep tripping breakers and fuses, then eventually take out the motherboard, microwave, refrigerator etc...... These are damages that you as the renter are responsible for.  Also, remember, as the weather grows colder and you need to run the furnace this too will also kill your battery life. If you run the furnace on 65 and it comes off and on intermittently throughout the night it will drain your battery by morning.  The refrigerator, furnace  and hot water heater are all 12 volt dependant . When your battery reaches 10 volts these appliances will not work properly or at all.