Hit the Road
and Have Some FUN
in one of Our RV'S







Ph 505-327-4513 Fax 505-326-2861 email: qualityrv@outlook.com

Let us deliver a roomy RV to your RV park or Campsite

You supply the groceries and start havin fun !!!!!!!!!


  The latest delivery time is 3:00 pm and the latest pick up time is 4:30 pm.

Check in time is at 10:00 am. Check out time is 2:00 pm, Monday thru Friday.  Saturday is by appt only. ( Need the unit before the 2:00 check out time?  Call us about making accomadations)

If you are staying at a state park, campground and/or  an RV park  please find out what time you can actually get in your space and what time you must check out.  ( because if you want a delivery at 10:00 am but can't get into your space until noon then you may be charged standby time)


Awnings are NOT to be used. All Awnings are locked. Impeding a lock and using the awning is a $1500 FINE 

Most of our bumper pulls can be towed by a 1/2 pick up. Or take the worry out of it all and let us deliver it to you. We do have a some  models that are light enough to be pulled by a large SUV. Please call if your not sure which size is best for you.  

We reserve the right to decide whether or not your vehicle can tow one of our trailers. We have the final say.

We do not always agree with what your vehicle manual says you can tow.  We want to protect our equipment as well as your equipment. We don't want you overloaded and damaging your transmission, driveline ,brakes and your cargo or family. 





If you have sent in your Rental Reservation Form and you have been called or emailed  and your trailer has been confirmed, you are then put on our schedule.

As we get deeper into Summer and the schedule gets fuller and fuller, timing gets more and more tricky. That is why it is very important that delivery and pick up times are spot on.  Due to others being late,  your delivery or pick up time may be altered. That is not fair to other customers that are on time.  We do however, understand traffic, construction etc...   We do not tolerate the fact that you wanted to stop and sightsee somewhere or grab a quick bite and you are now an hour late.  You are charged $25 per hour stand by time. If you are 2 or more hours late you will be charged another nights rental.

We do our very best to be there on time, but occassionally traffic and other deliveries stiffle our progress as well. We are as understanding as you hopefully are.

No one is allowed to pick up or return your rental unit for you. If your name is on the contract, then you need to be the one to pick it up. You must fill in the portion of your reservation form that requires you to list the towing vehicle. If you switch vehicles WE NEED TO KNOW !!!


If you  originally scheduled a trailer to be a pick up/ drop off by you, the renter,  and you decide later that you want it to be delivered  and picked up by Us instead , you will be charged a regular hourly labor rate of $100 per hour  plus $1.00 per mile to do so. So if you picked it up then changed your mind and had us bring it back it would cost you $100 per hour drive time round trip plus a 1 hour charge to tear down and hook onto the RV plus $1.00 per mile.

As your reservtion gets closer and you decide to have it delivered instead of you picking it up , we may not be able to accommodate that according to our scheduling.


If you have something come up and you are not able to return an RV that you picked up you will be charged $100 per hour to go get it plus $1.00 per mile plus the one hour minimum to get it ready to hook up and go.  Should there be any damages upon pick up you will be responsible for those as well. Should you decide to leave an RV during your trip and abandon it. You will be charged for pick up and any damages and you may also be prosecuted for grand theft auto and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Should you have an emergency you should call us immediatley to make arrangements.

We want to thank you for taking the time to read this information. We don't like to be the Rule monitor, but someone has to...............